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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  March 13, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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and west of d.c. with a 5:00 p.m. temperature of 76 degrees. as we look at doppler radar the past couple of showers, you can see the showers, the heavy ones, the yellows, oranges well off to the east and southeast. but locally we've got a couple of very light areas of rain which have been coming through. it was raining at reagan national. lighter showers has moved down toward about route 5 here, down to brandywine, coming down 301 as well into charles county. the heavier showers, you've got to go down toward king george, dahlgren, colonial beach and over to newland, st. mary's city. those are pulling away. we start with 50s and 60s. let's go to monika santami. monika, where are you now? >> reporter: i have moved and i'm now on the west park drive bridge connection at tysons corner. it's all part of the 495 express lanes project. in case you haven't heard of it, it's been going on since
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2008. they're widening the beltway, adding lanes and there will be a toll. we'll give you the details on what they're doing now and the fact they're in the home stretch. that's good news for all of you virginia drivers. let's look at the beltway and talk about traffic. no problems on the beltway. it is running incident free all around town. we're going to zoom into 66 on the inbound side and take a live look near nuttily street where you've got a little -- nutley street where you have a little bit of slow traffic fortunatelying. overall delays out of manassas into centreville with the lanes open. 95 in springfield on the northbound side, you have slow traffic as you leave the prince william parkway to the occoquan river. there was an accident in woodbridge on route 1 south of route 123. so watch out for the cleanup there. and let's go to 395 on the northbound side. no problems to report as you leave duke street to the 14th street bridge. we will focus on maryland roads and talk about the 495 expressway in my next report. back to you. some good police work
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helped the district bust two dozen people allegedly involved in a robbery ring. >> they were stealing, then selling your electronics. delia goncalves is live outside police headquarters to tell us how the case was cracked. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. police are telling us at least 25 people are involved in this robbery ring. so far they've arrested 16 people and that's just in the past three and a half weeks. much more to go on this investigation. so far more than 100 cell phones, ipads, play stations, cameras, dvrs and gps units were all recovered from about a dozen unlicensed stores and carryouts. the busts even netted drugs and drug paraphernalia. the business owners we're told purchased stolen items if these crooks on the street and resold them to unknowing patrons in their stores, patrons with families and children. >> we also found that these same businesses had no problem
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purchasing from strangers on the street, items like baby formula, and over-the-counter drugs and putting them on their shelves and selling them to the public. anybody who has children i don't need to tell you just how disturbing that is. >> reporter: absolutely very disturbing. police will have a list of those corner stores and carryouts that were involved that could have been selling this expired medication and baby formula to their patrons. so folks in those neighborhoods should certainly stay tuned and pay attention to what police release more on this case. those arrested face felonies and up to ten years behind bars. coming up in my next live report, i'll tell you how you can recover your stolen electronics. i'm have that in a half-hour. >> thank you, delia goncalves reporting live outside d.c. police headquarters for us this morning. a northern virginia mother won't spend any time in prison
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for the death of her 2-year-old son. dr. karen murphy pleaded guilty yesterday. she left her son lying in a minivan for hours on a hot day last june. prosecutors say it was an accident but it wasn't the first time she had left him in the car. murphy, a veterinarian will serve six years probation and she must complete 400 hours of community service. we have a follow-up to a story we first told you about last week. an explosive device found in a fairfax county home could have caused some major damage. the home is on gilder street in the franconia neighborhood. inside that home police found an explosive device inside a box. now we've learned it was surrounded by nails and screws and had it gone off, it could have killed someone. the home is up for sale now and the owner lives in afghanistan. his son moved out of the home about six months ago. police at university of maryland say three separate tipsters led them to 19-year- old andrew song, a south mother accused of threat -- sophomore
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accused of threatening to go on a shooting rampage at campus. police searched his home. a computer was taken but no weapons found. is he now jowndz going a psychiatric -- undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. the state of maryland is a step closer to banning anyone from smoking while a child is in the car. it would make it a crime to smoke in a car when there's a child under 8 years old also in the vehicle, even if the windows are open. it would be a primary offense meaning you could get pulled over for that infraction alone. it now heads to the house of delegates. maybe you should skip that burger for lunch today. a study out by harvard finds eating red meat daily can boost your risk of dying young by up to 20%. this is for men and women. processed meats like hot dogs or bacon pose an even higher risk. experts suggest substituting red meat with foods like poultry, fish and beans. ironically one of the first
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places to make hamburgers in the whole kung is across the street in harvard. we're waiting to hear from radio shack's corporate headquarters now about a disturbing incident recently that's happened at a store on new hampshire avenue in the hillandale area of silver spring. shanae lewis admits she did get into a debate over the montgomery county bag tax where the clerk -- with the clerk at the radio shack store. she decided she didn't want the adapt irafter the -- after the 5 cent tax and wanted her money back. she got her money back but when she looked at the receipt, she saw some ugly comments on t. lewis was upset and called out the clerk. he said he was kidding. she did not find it funny. >> i felt intleetly disrespected -- i felt completely disrespected. this is how you handle business? this is how you do things with customers? this isn't appropriate at all. >> we tried to ask the manager of the store about this. our crew was kicked out of the
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store when we cried. 6:07. jessica doyle has a special your money report. >> she is here to protect us from identity theft. the latest scam. >> that's right. generally speaking, tax season not usually the most fun part of the year for a lot of folks. once you get all those forms finished up, you just want that refund. but for some people, that's when the trouble starts. >> reporter: taxpayers could be in for a big surprise when they file their 2011 returns. con artists are filing bogus tax returns using stolen social security numbers and illegally walking away with a refund. >> it is very serious and it goes beyond dollars and cents because now you're talking about the internal revenue service getting involved in your life. >> reporter: adam levin of says these i.d. scams are happening a lot more nowadays. 24% of i.d. theft complaints to the federal trade commission last year related to stolen social
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security numbers used to faw descendly file -- fraud dentally file for tax refunds up 24%. >> it's done in a variety of levels. someone gathers your information either through social networking or a breach or a personal compromise. they then use that information to recreate you. >> reporter: one of the easiest ways to protect yourself and your w2s, start with your own mailbox. >> you really need to get to your mailbox as quickly as possible during the day so that someone else doesn't get to your mailbox first or arrange with someone you trust to get your mail picked up or have a locking mailbox. >> reporter: if you think your refund was stolen, call the i.r.s. right away and don't forget to monitor all of your credit. >> you have to put fraud alerts on your file. you have to be more aware of what's going on in your financial life. you have to make sure you're protecting your information. >> if this has happened to you, your first stop is the i.r.s. identity protection specialized unit. they will ask you to fill out
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an affidavit and you will need to prove you are really you. you will need w2 forms, previous tax returns and a photo irchts d. you're about to get into a really close working relationship with the i.r.s. >> which is always fun. >> yeah. it's a bad problem. they're definitely working really hard to stop it. our time right now 16:09. in -- is 6:09. in four minutes we hit the roads. learn how the new beltway express lanes in virginia will work and how much it's going to cost you. the weather isn't going to cost you a thing. howard has your weather first when we return. stay with us.
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a very spring like day ahead. it's mild this morning. going to be warm and breezy this afternoon. we'll have sunshine midday but that could help bubble up a couple of showers, maybe even a thunderstorm. highs between 75 and 80. full seven-day forecast looking ahead toward the weekend in just a few minutes. you can't miss it driving the beltway in virginia. all the work on those new express lanes. >> if you're stuck in the construction traffic, you have several words for that. it won't be opening till fall. there is a progress report on all that work right now. >> it's a story that's new this morning. monika santami is live along
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the beltway at tysons corner. good morning, monika. >> reporter: good morning. it's hard to miss all that construction. it's been going on since 2008 on the beltway for a 14-mile stretch between 95 and springfield and north of the dulles toll road. they've been widening the beltway. imagine that adding four new lanes, two in each direction. the $1.4 billion project with lots of interchanges being fixed and bridge rehab work as well. here to tell us more about the project and how it works is pierce coffey with the express lanes project. thank you so much and good morning. >> thank morning. >> reporter: i think that's one of the big questions is how will it work. it used to be called the high occupancy toll lanes. >> it means you have an hov option. three or more people will be able to use the lanes for free. you can choose to pay a toll.
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>> reporter: what does it mean to people when they're driving and getting on to the express lanes. >> if you take a trip, you can expect to travel around 45 miles an hour at any time, including during rush hour. so you can have some predictability back in your commute. >> reporter: this is what you call zynamic tolls. >> they won't be paying a toll but for those who choose to pay a toll, it will go up and down depending on the level of drivers in the toll lanes. >> reporter: at all times on the express lanes you can almost be guaranteed you'll be going 40 miles an hour? >> that's right. we'll be managing the lanes all the time to provide you with the predibilitiable option -- predictable option on the beltway. west park dreerve, lee highway and jones branch drive, we're adding a new access point to the beltway that doesn't exist today. thul' be getting direct access into tysons corner.
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that will simplify getting in and out of tysons. we're adding more drains to the bathtub so the traffic can get out faster. >> reporter: next time around in half an hour, we'll be asking you about the new prototype of the ez-pass flex. that will be interesting to know how that works. thank you so much for being with us. i'll send it back to you. >> thank you. we'll get an update on the commute from monika in about five minutes. 6:15. tuesday morning. here's a check of what also is making news this morning. the taliban vows revenge for sunday's shooting rampage in afghanistan by an american soldier. he turned himself in after allegedly killing 16 afghan civilians, 9 of them children. he was part of a unit training local villagers to defend themselves. at this point his name has not been released. polls open in just a few hours in alabama and mississippi. voters there will cast ballots in the latest republican presidential primaries. polls in both states are
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extremely tight. david cameron arrives in washington today. then he will be going to ohio with the president for the first round of the ncaa tournament. the obamas are hosting a white house din forecameron and his wife coming up tomorrow. we have a couple. showers south and east of town now. there's been some very dense fog in the cumberland, old town maryland areas are parts of west virginia. it's pretty local. down to near zero visibility. our bus stop forecast, we're pretty much down with the showers or will be in the next 20 minutes or so wet streets, partly sunny and mild, as and 60s. that sunrise at 7:22 this morning. sets at about 7:15 this evening. our day planner well, we're looking at 60 by 9:00. by noon about 70. gorgeous. by 3:00 76. there's a chance even by 3:00 we could have a shower or thunderstorm around and some of those will be around for the evening as well, 75. not everybody is going to see them but with temperatures
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shooting into the mid, upper 70s, even near 80, the threat for even a couple of strong storms exist. this morning we're watching rain showers south and east of town, heaviest in southern maryland and lower eastern shore. on live doppler 9000 hd, we go to the east. we're looking at everything east of 95. this is moving pretty quickly and it's pretty weak. shady side, a few raindrops headed your way down toward hughesville. there's just not that much left with this stuff until you go well to the south here coming out of the northern neck. even around dahlgren and colonial beach, a little shower there. this stuff over to reedville, st. mary's city on the eastern shore. that's going to be the last of it. if you're down that far south, give it 35, 40 minutes or so. things are going to get better. 57 in gaithersburg this morning to 60 in respectston. spring field 59. 59 also in baden. columbia very balmy, 58. outside on our michael & son weather camera, not quite
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seeing the lights just yet out there. 58 degrees. we did have some showers at the top of the hour but we are looking dry now, at least here in town. we have a threat for some showers and storms this afternoon into the evening as temperatures shoot well up into the 70s, even near 80 in a few spots. 40s and 50s tonight for the lows. a beautiful wednesday, about 74 tomorrow. thursday 77. by friday, though, another system heads this way so showers around. maybe a rumble of thunder. most of this should be gone by saturday morning so i think it's going to be pretty good weather for the marathon and half marathon with highs on saturday in the low 70s. it is now 6:18. monika santami standing by in tysons with time saver traffic. >> reporter: i am. if you're planning to head on to the beltway in tysons corner, i have a live look and it looks great. we're going to take a look at our graphics. no problems to report on the beltway. all around town it's doing well. on the northbound side in virginia you have slow traffic across the occoquan river.
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then off and on from lorton into springfield. there's an accident blocking route 1 northbound right at the prince william parkway. you'll have to follow police directions to get around that northbound route 1 at the prince william parkway. a live look on 270. overall delays out of frederick off and on as you head for urbana and clarksburg then looks good to the point where the lanes divide. we'll update you on the beltway north of town in my next report. next in sports, the redskins respond to reports they are going to take a big salary cap hit. find out where the lady terps will start this year's women's basketball tournament. >> let's take another look at the question of the morning now. when you look at classrooms in the united states, there is 25% fewer of which of these things compared to just a decade ago? is it a, fewer books, b, 25% fewer pieces of chalk, or c, animaldy senses -- animal
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dissections? what do you think? >> one person says chalk. that's because they use dry erase markers and smartboards now.
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welcome back. your weather first on this thus morning. we had showers overnight. much of that has pulled south and east of town. this afternoon feature as threat for some showers and storms. here's your day planner. expect a warm day. the average highs are about 55. we're already above that. 67 by 11:00. 73 at 1:00. so a great lunch hour. mid-70s by 3:00 and even as early as 3:00 we could start seeing some source and storms popping up on the radar. highs today 75 to 80. michael? women's basketball tournament fishily tips -- officially tips off tonight. >> it's an early game western kentucky against mississippi valley state. after that oiona takes on
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brigham young. >> lady terps grabbed the number two seed. maryland will be hosting navy saturday morning. georgetown picked up a five seed. lady hoyas will travel to chapel hill. they'll be facing fresno state on sunday afternoon while west virginia heads to norfolk, virginia for a first round matchup against texas. the lady mountaineers mr. be playing saturday morning. the redskins are denying reports they're going to lose $36 million in salary cap room. the g.m. says they have not been contacted by the league but various media outlets report monday the team would lose that room for front loading contracts in 2010. there was no salary cap that year. the wizards were in san antonio last night visiting the spurs. tony parker had a strong comeback for the spurs. he scored 31 points just days after straining his right
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quadricep. wizards lose 112-97. d.c. stays on the road visiting class tonight. -- dallas tonight. the nationals are 5-3 in the grapefruit league. they beat the cardinals yesterday. d.c. hosts detroit tonight. 6:25 now. still ahead, a legal loophole that let an accused high school coach go free. the new target for thieves high laundry detergent. learn why it's such a hot commodity. a live look at southbound 270. slows down at the montrose road exit but picks up after that monika has another check of the roads in six minutes. keep it right here with 9news now.
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a live look at the capitol dome. it is warm out this morning. temperatures in the upper 50s. a beautiful start. >> thank you for starting your tuesday with us. i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. we're glad you're here. howard bernstein live on the weather terrace. we had showers overnight but things are clearing out. good morning, howard. most of the showers to our south and east. it's a very comfortable morning out here. spre spring like, -- very spring like. the birds are singing. no jackets needed today. leave them at home but keep the umbrella with you because we could have some storms later on. temperatures this morning here in town have dipped into the
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upper 50s. we'll be around 70 at noon. the rain showers you see were reported earlier but the showers have moved east of the airport. now at 5:00 we're talking about the threat for showers and storms could even be as early as 3:00 or 4:00. highs today 75 to 80. there go the showers quickly off to the east. you'll see down towards st. mary's city and back toward colonial beach, a few showers still have to go across st. mary's county for the most part and pull away. cool spots in the mid-50s. that's not a mistake. petersburg, west virginia already 67. let's go to monika santami. she's out in hightons corner, v.a. -- tysons corner, virginia this morning with a lot more than just traffic. >> reporter: that's right. i've been covering the 495 express lanes. we'll have mr information on that coming -- we'll have more information on that coming up in a few minutes. but on the inbound side of i-66 slowing down out of manassas into centreville.
6:31 am
that's normal for this type. here's a look closer into the beltway. just the volume you're dealing with but no big deals to report. the beltway overall is doing well. no incidents to report. let's zoom into the north side of town and take a live look on the outer loop near new hampshire avenue. it's going to slow from this point heading over to gentleman v.a. avenue in silver spring. coming up in my next report, we'll take a look at 395. back to you. >> thank you, monika. these days filling up your gas tank can make you broke and angry. more people are starting to take out that anger on politicians. >> erica hill has more from new york and more on the impact it's expected to have on the campaign trail. good morning. >> yes, it is. good morning to you. one poll out this morning shows a majority of americans now believe the president should be able to change gas prices. bob schieffer is here to examine that and let us know how much control the president has when it comes to setting gas prices.
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we'll break down the latest slugfest, this one coming between newt gingrich and rick santorum and the new slipup painting romney as rich and out of touch. what to expect next. that's all next on cbs this morning. never a shortage of things to chat about when it comes to pal ticks. >> not at -- politics. >> not at all. thank you. a loudoun county virginia community is coming together to remember a fallen marine. captain michael quinn served as a training pilot and died last month. his body was brought from national airport to purcelville yesterday. thousands of people lined the path and waited outside the funeral home. the family moved to loudoun county from the eastern shore about ten years ago. captain quin was a 2002 graduate of loudoun valley high school. the owner of a d.c. liquor store accused of selling booze to minors heads to court today. we told you about him last month in our 9 wants you to
6:33 am
know series on teen drinking. the owner of the town square market in northwest was arrested in february, weeks after we showed you video of teens buying alcohol at the store. some teens told our andrea mccarren it was easy to buy there without being 21. prosecutors are dropping charges against a part-time teacher in montgomery county. he's accused of having inappropriate relations with a former student. the charges are getting dropped on a technicality. 47-year-old scott spear was charged with having sex with a 16-year-old female at richard montgomery high school. she was a student there. prosecutors dropped the charges because spear is only a part- time employee at the school. >> has to be a pull time employee of the school or teacher or principal, administrator something along those lines but as a part-time employee, he falls into a loophole in the statute and there's no crime with which he can be charged. >> montgomery county public
6:34 am
schools plans to conduct its own investigation into spear's alleged behavior. he's on leave pending that investigation. spear denies the accusations saying he's never had any inappropriate behavior with a student athlete. a big win for d.c. police this morning. they bust add pretty big robbery rings. steves that have been stealing your electronics. delia goncalves has the story this morning. how are you? good morning. >> reporter: good morning. police have only begun this bust but they say it's already worked citing a 15% decrease in these robberies. we're talking robberies of electronics. cell phones, ipads, gps among so many other electronics. those items all recovered from at least a dozen unlicensed corner stores and carryouts that were reselling the stolen property to their customers. in many cases we're told the stores were also selling expired medication and stolen
6:35 am
baby formula. but these electronics certainly are hot items in the district so how can you find out if police have recovered your stolen electronics? well, they'll be setting up a website very, very soon. >> you'll be able to go online and look at those items and see if you have anything unique to identify your property. a lot of people have stickers and things a their property. you have to is have some way of identifying it. >> reporter: if you don't know why the serial number s you can pop the back of your phone and any identification numbers are usual found in the battery pack of your electronics. so keep those handy just in case some of these criminals may come after you. police say this is a stiff
6:36 am
warning for a lot of these crooks out on the street. if you're involved in this type of activity, they will arrest you and prosecute you. those who have been arrested, the 16 so far, face jail time of up to ten years. we're live outside of police headquarters, delia goncalves, 9news now. >> thank you, delia. it is 6:36. jessica doyle is here. she's still watching your money. >> specifically jobs. companies are hiring. >> that's right. they are. the big companies are sending out the help wanted ads, posting them online for some of the nation's biggest companies this is going o. our partners at "u.s.a. today" report these companies are finally putting some of the record piles of cash to work by hiring workers. collectively the nation's biggest companies including caterpillar added 4.2% more net jobs globally in 2011, an increase of more than 733,000 jobs. small companies typically are the biggest drivers of new
6:37 am
jobs. yahoo filing a lawsuit against facebook over patents. it's following up on a threat from last month. a court filing says facebook has infringed on ten of its patents covering advertising, privacy controls, and social networking. facebook is pledging to defend itself. this is an odd sign of the times. there is a surge in thefts of tide, the closelying detergent -- the clothing detergent. thieves are stealing it and selling it for $5 to $10. in minnesota police say one man swiped $25,000 worth of tide over several months before he was arrested. authorities say thieves target tide because it's so popular and its big, orange logo makes it instantly recognizable. >> good marketing leads to good thievery. >> i'm amazed behind what's behind lock and key at the
6:38 am
drugstore including shampoo and body lotion. >> interesting. i know a couple months ago we had a rash of thieves picking up body spray. some of that stuff sends to walk away, too. >> that's so odd. our time 16:38. still ahead, upon -- is 6:38. monika will show us the little device car poolers will need to drive in the new express lanes for free. the calendar says march, but it sure feels like may outside. sunny skies, highs in the upper 70s in some places. even a chance of a thunderstorm. howard tells us how long it's going to last. here's a look at what's on tonight. [ female announcer ] shaving can irritate skin...
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we are following breaking news out of atlanta, georgia. these are live pictures from
6:43 am
jackson international airport. you see it right there. a delta airlines plane off the taxi way. no one was hurt in this incident. it's a bizarre incident. the 7:37 rolling off a taxi way and -- 737 rolled off a taxi way and down an embankment. it will take a while to get the plane to where it belongs but again stressing the good news, no one was on the plane and none of the maintenance workers who were working on it were hurt in this incident. >> looks like the nose gear may have sunk in the mud. >> a little foggy there in atlanta as well. >> on the weather terrace, you look up at the moon, it's foggy. >> simile visible we call that. >> a technical term, dimly visible. >> it actually is. some pocketses in the west virginia panhandle and we are done with our showers. we're standing out here on the dry weather terrace. we might have some later on. here's a look at the bus stop
6:44 am
forecast. very comfortable this morning. i don't really think you need the jacket if you can stand a little bit of coolness for a while. partly sunny, mild, 50s and 60s. the sunrise up at 7:22. daylight saving time. as far as our day planner, we're going to get a good deal of sunshine the next few hours. by noon we're up to 70 degrees. southwesterly winds today 10 to 15 miles an hour. we'll push this into the upper 70s, even near 80 but also the threat for some thunderstorms this afternoon. so a few thunderstorms here and there could be on the strong side. by 8:00 we're back down to 71 degrees. here's a look at the showers from overnight. quickly moving to the east. i want to switch it over to live doppler 9000hd. in southern charms and st. mary's -- charles and st. mary's county, this is going to clip calvert. our temps, look at this. 55 winchester. 58 here in town. we've got 59 in fredricksburg.
6:45 am
it's 61 in culpeper. even baltimore at this hour is at 60. looking outside on our michael & son weather camera 58. that shower hit national a while ago. they're all done with it, just cloudy skies. the dew point in the low 50s. big picture, here comes this line of showers this morning. that's leaving us. we have the second line. this is what we're going to have to watch for the afternoon hours, even into early this evening, especially south and east of town. so as we look at the forecast, warm today. 75 to 80. the afternoon shower or thunderstorm. tonight 48 to 55. 48 in the suburbs. 55 here in town. tomorrow beautiful, 74 degrees. by thursday 75 to 80 again friday some showers in the upper 60s which i think will be gone in time for the big marathon and half marathon on saturday morning with saturday's high of 72. it is now 6:45. let's check in with monika santami with time saver traffic. >> reporter: i'm standing here near the beltway north of tysons corner talking about the
6:46 am
495 express lanes project this morning. i'll get to that in a moment but first a live look from sky 9 on the mb side of i--- the northbound side of i-95 where you have the volume building from newington to springfield and 395 as well. let's take a look at a graphic first. the beltway overall has been incident free. we'll go to 395 now on the northbound side where you've got your brake lights beginning near duke street. actually closer to the beltway up towards seminary road. then you're okay to the bridge. on the north side of town outer loop delays are at 95 at georgia avenue with the lanes open. i'll have another look at the big picture at 6:58. in the meantime we have been talking about this big project in case you haven't noticed. it's been going on since 2008 for a 14-mile stretch of the beltway between springfield and north of the dulles toll road. with me this morning is pierce coffee from the 495 express lanes project. we're growing to talk right now about how this all will work in terms of the toll.
6:47 am
you have to have an ez pass. >> that's right. this is an all electronics tolls facility. if you're a car pooler it's free if you have three or more people in your vehicle and you'll need the new ez pass flex. there are propoe types available for -- prototypes available for review. you'll be able to get the ez pass flex and you can learn more about it at our website. >> what you're saying to me is that if you're hov lane, three people in the car, you can actually use this for free. but how will enforcement work? how will you know that i have three people in my car? >> that's a great question. it's combination -- it's one of the reasons you knees an ez pass flex. there will be a switch at the bottom. you'll put it over an hov mode which will nominate your vehicle as hov. the technology on the facility will read that setting and the virginia state police will be out here to help enforce the lanes. >> reporter: what's going to be easy about it is not only the access from this connection we're at right now but also
6:48 am
there will be no tollbooths? >> that's right n. is all electronic. no stopping to pay cash. there is no option to pay cash. another reason you're able to stay 45 miles an hour on the facility. >> reporter: a couple of buzzwords you've been using is predictable trips and dynamic tolls. would does that mean? >> we'll be using dynamic tolling meaning the toll price will go up and down depending on the level of traffic in the facility to help you have a predictable trip around 45 miles an hour in the lanes. if you're a car pooler or on a bus, you know you'll have that predictable trim. you can pay the toll to get where you need to be. >> reporter: that price will be $4 to $5 is what you had told me earlier. thank you so much. i appreciate all the information you've given us this entire morning. for more information on the express lanes, we will have that on our website later this morning. they're in the home stretch. should be completed by the end of this year. back to you. >> thanks a lot. we'll get another update on the commute in nine minutes. jessica has today's daily
6:49 am
deals. >> thank you. we've been keeping through the day's daily deals to find you deep discounts. here's some of the favorites. american axe press has a new promotion with twitter with special deals like this one for free money. amex offering a $10 statement credit when you spend $10 or more on best buy online or in stores. this is good through march 31. you have to sink your card to your twitter account to get the statement credit on you'll find the article i wrote about this this morning. the instructions are there. other offers are there. very easy to pull off. target's daily deal is a new 26- inch hd tvdvd player combo $179.99. this is normally $249.99. a savings 28% plus free shipping. offers.tom reached out to me with a number -- reached out to me with awb in of deals. taking 60% off st. paddy's t-
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a very warm day for march ahead. we're in the upper 50s, even low 60s now. we'll become partly sunny soon. 60 by 9:00. noontime temp of 70. watch out for some scattered showers and storms. tuesday is the day, march 13. here's a check of the news before you go. a man accused of setting a fire that injured several firefighters is exexpected to enter a guilty plea today.
6:54 am
maurice thuse is facing prison charges. he set a fire last april that injured six firefighters. he could get up to 25 years in prison. arlington county wants to add rate new red cameras by this summer. three will go on george mason drive, two on glebe road. arlington can have cameras up to 20 intersections. there are four active ones right now. the lady terps get to celebrate as they learn they get the number two seed. that means a first round tip against navy. that will be in college park coming up saturday. it is 6:54. time to reveal the answer to our question of the morning. the question was when you look at classrooms in the united states, there is 25% fewer of which of these things compared to just ten years ago. is it a, books, b, chalking, or c, animal dissections? >> the answer i'm kind of surprised is chalk. it's 25% less chalk or fewer pieces of chalk in classrooms.
6:55 am
i thought it would be even more than that. >> that's what we thought and we were wrong. we'll check on the traffic and weather next on 9news now. stay with us.
6:56 am
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6:58 am
take a look at this picture. live from atlanta hartsfield airport. a plane went off the runway. looks like the nose gear went into the mud there. it is our understanding no one was hurt. maintenance workers were working on this plane and there seemed to be a problem with the brakes. >> there is significant damage to the plane but no one was hurt and we're hearing no flights out of our area will be affected if they're going into atlanta hartsfield jackson. keep your plans. >> we'll keep you updated if
6:59 am
things change. weather wise showers are leaving but we could see a couple of thunderstorms this afternoon. upper 70s. tomorrow and thursday beautiful, mid- to upper 70s. some showers again on friday. >> reporter: i'm on the beltway live right now just north of tysons corner. i can say with certainty the outer loon behind me is running well -- loop behind me is running well heading southbound toward 123. we'll take another look here, route 7100, you'll find the brake lights in springfield and 395 northbound you have off and on delays up towards seminary road past duke street. back to you. >> thank you, monika. as for wall street we're looking higher for the fifth day in a row. >> we like that. cbs this morning looking at the presidential primaries. i'll be back in 25 minutes with another update on your tuesday forecast. have a great day. take care, everybody. see you back here


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